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FK816 Automatic Double Head Corner Labeling Machine

Short Description:

① FK816 is suitable for all kinds of specifications and texture box such as phone box, cosmetic box, food box also can labeling plane products, refer to FK811 detail.

② FK816 can achieve double sealing film labeling, full coverage labeling, partial accurate labeling, vertical multi-label labeling and horizontal multi-label labeling, widely used in cosmetics, electronic, food and packaging materials industries

③ FK816 has additional functions to increase:

1. Configuration code printer or ink-jet printer, when labeling, print clear production batch number, production date, effective date and other information, coding and labeling will be carried out simultaneously.

2. Configuration printer, change printer contents at any time, realize the function of printing and labeling at the same time.

3. Automatic feeding function (combined with product consideration);

Partially applicable products:

6 9 21

Product Detail

Product Tags

FK816 Automatic Double Head Corner Labeling Machine

Machine Description:

4. Automatic material collection function (combined with product consideration);

5. Increase labeling device;

④ FK816 Adjust method is simple: 1.Adjust the height of the labeling mechanism, make the labeling knife edge higher 2mm than product height and at the same level. 2.Adjust the top conveyor belt, bottom conveyor belt and labeling speed on the touch screen so that they want to match. 3. Adjust the position of the sensor so that each label can be completely run out. 4.Adjust the height of the roller, let roller slight touch the labeling surface of the product. 5.Adjust the position of the brush, make the brush just in touch with the labeling surface of the product.

⑤ FK816 floor space about 2.35 stere.

⑥ Machine Support Customization.

The FK816 Double Head Corner labeling machine has simple adjustment methods, high labeling accuracy and good quality, Applicable to the requirements of high precision, high output products, and it is difficult to see the error with the naked eye.

Working Principle:

1. Click star on the touch screen.

2. The product placed next to the guardrail, then the conveyor belt moves the products forward.

3. When the sensor detects that the products has reached target location,the machine will send out the label and the roller attaches the half of the label to the product.

4. Then when the product is labeled and reached a certain position, the brush will pop out and brushes the others half of the label onto the product, achieve corner labeling.

Label Specification:

① Applicable labels: sticker label, film, electronic supervision code, bar code.

② Applicable products: Products that are required to be labeled on flat, arc-shaped,round, concave, convex or other surfaces.

③ Application industry: Widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, chemical, electronics, medicine and other industries.

④ Application examples: shampoo flat bottle labeling, packaging box labeling, bottle cap, plastic shell labeling, etc.

Label Production Requirements

1. The gap between the label and the label is 2-3mm;

2. The distance between the label and the edge of the bottom paper is 2mm;

3. The bottom paper of the label is made of glassine, which has good toughness and prevents it from breaking (to avoid cutting the bottom paper);

4. The inner diameter of the core is 76mm, and the outer diameter is less than 280mm, arranged in a single row.

The above label production needs to be combined with your product. For specific requirements, please refer to the results of communication with our engineers!

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Date
Label Specification Adhesive sticker,transparent or opaque
Labeling Tolerance ±0.5mm
Capacity(pcs/min) 40~100
Suit product size(mm) L:20~300 W:20~250 H:10~100;Can be customized
Suit label size(mm) L:15-200;W(H):15-130
Machine Size(L*W*H) ≈1450*1250*1330(mm)
Pack Size(L*W*H) ≈1500*1300*1380(mm)
Voltage 220V/50(60)HZ;Can be customized
Power 1470W
N.W(KG) ≈220.0
G.W(KG) ≈400.0
Label Roll ID:Ø76mm; OD:≤260mm

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